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To achieve a consistent and repeatable product we require a control system in place, we have a solution for process monitoring and controlling the banbury mixer which will automate the sequence of steps required in building a batch.
Typical solution includes:
Polymer Weighing & Feeding Controls
Carbon Weighing & Discharging Controls
Oil Weighing & Injection Controls
Controls for Feed Door, Discharge Door, Ram and Mixer Motor
Mixer Auxiliaries Controls
TCU Controls
Dust Lub Controls
The System offers following Benefits
Solution implemented over Standard Siemens PLC Hardware.
Siemens Siwarex Weighing Module ensures High Accuracy Weighment for Polymer, Carbon & Oil .
Feed Forward Controls (Fuzzy) ensures Accurate & Consistent Weighing for all types of Carbon and Oil.
Web Based Reporting provides all details related to Production, Material Consumption, Quality, OEE etc. in    Tabular and Graphical formats for better Planning and Close Monitoring.
Advanced Control Algorithms & Recipe Based Mixing provides total flexibility for getting desired Viscosity of the compound without temperature overshoot.
Step wise Recipe based Mixing with Provision of setting Ram Pressure/Mixer RPM at every Step.
Calibration of Weighing Scales can be done through SCADA.
Provision of Creating and Storing Up to 20,000 Recipes in PC & 20 Recipes in PLC as part of day schedule.
Provision of Mixer Hold, Cycle Hold in case of any Abnormality.
Provision of editing Schedule On-Line.
Provision of editing Recipe On-Line.
X-Y Plotting of Data like Mixing Temperature, Energy, Motor RPM, Motor Current, RAM Pressure etc in addition to CIRCULAR Plot.
Connectivity of Smart Control System with Mixer Drive, Batch off PLC, Twin Screw Extruder PLC over Profibus.
Query based Graphical Production Reports in addition to Statistical Reports (Standard deviation, Six sigma, Cp, Cpk) for Weighment.
Internet Smart Support service allows our Experts to perform any sort of Troubleshooting on the System via Internet from anywhere in the World.
Typical Screen Shots
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