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Tyre Genealogy is used to track production process parameters for each tyre from Tyre Building machine to Tyre Testing machines. Using Bar Code System, every single stage of production process that includes Tyre building, Curing, Visual Inspection, Uniformity & Balancing and X-ray machines is identified with corresponding production parameters. Information like Tyre bar Code , Machine, Operator details, process parameters ,Test parameters ,date & shift details etc in every stage of process are captured and stored in the database for retrieving and analyzing individual tyre bar code details.

The increasingly dynamic and competitive tyre market has moved manufacturers to adopt a more flexible manufacturing process. While this flexibility helps to meet growing consumer demands for additional choices and options, it also contributes to a more complex manufacturing environment with the potential for increased errors and costs.

Smart Controls recognizes the various challenges facing the tyre industry and offers solutions that help to improve time to market of new model introductions, reduce costs, improve quality and increase enterprise agility to meet consumer demands.

The System offers following Benefits
Allocation of Bar Code to each Green Tyre Manufactured at Tyre Building Machines
Attaching the Bar Code of each Tyre during the course of  Manufacturing/Testing to all details like
Production Date and Time
Machine Id
Operator Id
Recipe Details
Production Details
Test Results
Cluster based Server and Database ensures High Availability and Reliability of the System
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