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Plantwide MIS system used to transform data collected from different process into information, which will be useful for decision making. It will provide performance reports to assist in the planning, monitoring and implementation of strategy.
The System offers following Benefits
Improve response to customer and Product quality issue
Builds foundation for automatic inventory
Real-time production visibility for everyone in the plant – including alerts through email.
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics for productivity measuring.
Better tracking and analysis of reasons for machine failure
Recovering downtime
Provide necessary element of product traceability,
Productivity improvement ,decrease scrap, reduce total work-in- process inventory will enhance your competitiveness
How Smart Controls can help you?
We can help you to choose Data Collection Methodology that fits your requirement
Fully Customized software ,most effective way to meet your requirement
We can provide you right hardware, software and manpower to help you succeed

Smart  offers to link the plant floor to the top floor

What makes our solution different  is custom development of software or hardware When solutions are not available off-the-shelf

Shop Floor  Connectivity Solutions

We have a hardware for communications, Ethernet and wireless networks  to connect all your machines on the shop floor with the top floor Server. We offers various cables, data concentrator, switches and  communication drivers for connecting disparate devices from plant floor control system to enterprise information system.

Redundant Data Server

For data to be continuously available ,system must maintain uninterrupted data access during both planned and unplanned downtime

OEE Tool

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics of ANY and ALL plant machines typically increase efficiency by 5 to 20 percent

Enterprise Reporting, Charting and  Analysis Software

It is a web based reporting tool that turns volumes of plant data into manufacturing intelligence. Connecting to multiple data sources, including real-time OPC data as well as databases including SQL, Oracle, SAP, and Lab data. It processes data from the plant floor, corporate databases and everywhere in between.
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